About The Sauna Show

Creating a vibrant and healthy lifestyle is about becoming the healthiest version of yourself. We share ways to constantly improve, set goals, embrace change and connect body and mind. The Sauna Show is for people who want to know more about the health benefits, best use, and latest technologies of infrared saunas and connect you with real people who are doing epic things. by their own design.

Hosts Sebastian and Johannes invite listeners to explore new ways to combat modern life and reclaim their vitality. With their quirky style and belief that vibrant health is the birthright of every human being. they share the secrets to self love. self care and vibrant joy so that you can have a more positive impact on your own health, the health of those you love and the world.

The intention of each episode is to expand your awareness and give you the tools and knowledge to open up new levels of self care by interviewing inspiring biohackers and wellness.

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